Mixing Mastering

Audio Engineering Equipment

Are you interested in the field of audio and explored for your career .If you decide to audio engineering school , certainly not only techniques and materials just as you need to be successful ? In this article will discuss some of the equipment the most important sound engineering and audio devices commonly used by engineers and engineering editor who frequentlybe used.

Many electronic tool designed to create audio sound as did manipulate , edit, play , and incorporating different sounds using a variety of different tools , both digital and analog . Oltimatum This means you have to use the equipment, sound broadcasting equipment , and sound reinforcement equipment

Mixing console 

Tool to control the sound input to the entire line as the role of the parent .Because of its control , the means will change the part of the dynamics , tone, and audio level required to produce sound using either digital or analog signals , or a combination of both . It depends on the type of mixing console that will be or are being used.


Microphone serves as a tool to enter the frequency of the sound coming from the object and other media for the recording.The workings of the microphone is connected to a tool called Pre Amp ( amp ).

Signal Processors 

The signal processor is associated with Line -in point to take away from the sound signal .It is typically used only for media that produces electrical frequency is not the frequency of voice

Tape Machine 

This equipment use to store and play a recording of the decision process

Digital Audio Workstation 

DAW called Digital Audio Wortations , as the name suggests this tool more low overhead , because it works with computerized systems and tools are included with the application "software " offer that will run on the computer

The author uses Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sonar and FL Studio applications to convert audio (rendering) of the ideas that have been processed which might result in the nuances of the music recording system that eventually could run until completion.

Mixing & Mastering

Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sonar and FL Studio provides all the tools you need to produce your tracks to the highest professional standards.

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