Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Mixing Sample Made Using FL Studio (part_4)

The fourth step  is to show how to create harmony fill "lic" in Sytrus plugins in Fl Studio. First you have to know how to use Layers and Playlist that previously I discusses in the first session or Part 1.

Open the Channels menu ► Add one ► Then open Sytrus plugin.

Once the plugin is activated for "transform bar" by right-clicking to open the "piano roll".

Start to make "lic" on the screen transform tone, manner and fungsions using the "mouse" left click to create tone and right click to remove tone.

One layer "transform" can be repeated or looping on the Playlist menu point to unify the Midi and Audio layer so that on each element of the instrument can be put together to run the proscess.

For more details can you see the video tutorials Part 4. Check out the video from youtube.


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