Mixing Sample Using Virtual Drum Hypersonic 2 (part1)

Its makes a song track is not easy, but it will not difficult if there is no motivation to try and learn a lot things. On thes subject I will give you a way how to make the audio tracks of music that is easy to understand that you're reading this article. First of all to start making a track that is needed is the drum set by using the VST program Hypersonic 2 to be used as instruments and as the parent control program using FL Studio.

  • Make sure the application is already installed on your computer.√

  • Run the application Fl Studio.

  • Select and open it in "Channels" and select "Add one"

  • After that you can see the application of Hypersonic 2 has performed a computer screen and you can make Patterns by right-clicking on the item Hypersonic 2 continues select "Piano roll" (for more details, again see image 1.1)

Image 1.1 (uploader by indieaudio.net)

Make the sheet music drum beats in the pattern display area.(for more details, again see tutorial video ►Youtube).

Once finished you have to understand the patterns and how to Part-1, you can continue to learn the next Part, visit: Part-2 Part-3Part-4 Part-5 (completion stage)

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